We help you understand your analytics that can tell you a lot about your audience, your content, your social networks and your SEO.

Front of mind, are up to date results, with the changing buyer market where customers want more than clicks.

It is essential to have the right analytics in place to maximise your marketing potential and guarantee smooth delivery of all projects. The framework we develop gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors, boosting customers to come back, better brand awareness, higher search engine rankings and increases in your social media engagement. We do this throughout the client’s transaction process (may it be retail or service), with strategy and results.

Failing to adapt to our content-led era leads to an overreliance on traditional paid media, which is expensive. It also means falling behind competitor brands that are using content to build more relevant and meaningful relationships with consumers.

Only after completing an audit of existing content and defining the metrics of success can we develop a content strategy. We go on to define the KPIs before deciding how much, in what format, for what platforms, and when content is created and distributed.

Consumption, sales and engagement in multiple formats across multiple platforms, needs to be monitored and measured in new ways. Online video, for example, delivers reach but metrics like completion rate and shareability may be more appropriate for your customer.

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